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Research Accomplishments.


Selected Journals

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  10. K. Raha and K. P. Ray, “Broadband High Gain and Low Cross-Polarization Double Cavity-Backed Stacked Microstrip Antenna” IEEE Transaction Antennas Propagation, Vol. 77, no. 7, pp. 5902-5906, 2022.

Tin Wall


  1. G. Kumar and K. P. Ray, Broadband Microstrip Antennas. Artech House, Boston & London, 2003. ISBN: 1580532446​

  2. H.Vasudevan, A. A. Deshmukh, K. P. Ray, Proceedings of International Conference on Wireless Communication: ICWiCom 2017, Springer Singapore, Vol. 19, 2017. ISBN: 978-981-10-8339-6 (online), 978-981-10-8338-9 (print), ISSN: 2367-4512

  3. K. Raha and K. P. Ray, Low Cost Simple Compact and Portable Ground Penetrating Radar Prototype for Detecting Improvised Explosion Devices, IntechOpen, London, 2022, K. Raha and K. P. Ray. (Book Chapter)


  1. K. P. Ray, J. D Abhyankar and A. K. Basu, an international Patent was obtained for “Microwave Disinfecting System for Hospital Waste”, Application No. 916/DEL/2002, Obtained Patent No. 242452.

  2. S. Rashmi, S.P. Dutta Gupta, K. P. Ray and S. B. Gandhi, an Indian Patent has been obtained for “Three Dimensional Lens Antenna”, Patent No. 3869/MUM/2013.

  3. S. V Kumar, L. N. Satapathy, K. P. Ray, R. Rangari, V Sarode and G. Swaminathan, “Pulsed microwave source for drying of high voltage porcelain insulators with large section thicknesses”, has been granted on 26/12/2017 with Patent Number 291044.provisional patent PR no. 080018RD [Publication Date & Type: 26/08/2016, & INA, Application Filing Date: 12/08/2008, Field Of Invention: (FI06)ELECTRICAL, Classification (IPC): H05B 6/00]

  4. S. Choudhari, V. S. Sarode and K. P. Ray, “VHF Six Bit Digital Phase shifter using Microstrip Line Structures at 212 MHz for Electronically Scanned Phased Array Radar” Filed by MeitY, in April 2016.

  5. K. P. Ray, S. Banerjee, S. S. Patil, R. R. Sharma and H. S Panda, "Establishing the idea of use of high power microwave to disintegrate the novel corona virus (COVID-19), Filed through DRDO in May 2020.

  6. K. P. Ray, S. S. Patil, S. Banerjee, R. R. Sharma, S. Kumar and B. K. Pande, “Microwave Sterilizer (‘ATULYA’) to disintegrate the novel corona virus (COVID-19)” Filed through DRDO in August 2020.

Marble Surface

On Microwave Sterilizer 'ATULYA' to neutralize COVID-19 (2020)   

  1. M/s S.S. MASER Technology Pvt Ltd, Lucknow

  2. M/s Exceltech Engineering Works, Pune

  3. M/s Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd., Pune

  4. M/s JMV LPS Ltd., Noida

  5. M/s Alpha Therm Ltd, New Delhi

  6. M/s PMG Equipment, Hyderabad

  7. M/s FAMA, Ahmednagar

  8. M/s Padmashree Electronics, Pune

  9. Air Force Technical College, Bengaluru

  • DGS&D Rate Listing for three modules of Microwave Disinfection System : Made presentations at DGS&D, New Delhi now GEM (Government E-Market Place) on this societally important indigenously developed technology of Microwave Disinfection System for Hospital Waste, so that this systemis maximally utilized to deal with infectious hospital waste. It was listed in 2016-17 in GEM link. 

  • For Microwave Sterilizer 'ATULYA' to neutralize COVID-19: It has been listed in GEM. A CE marking and Trade mark of the product has been registered, TM Number is 4608887 for Word "Atulya".

Transfer of Technology (TOT)

On Microwave Disinfection System: at SAMEER, Mumbai  

  1. M/s Thermax, Pune for commercialization of the indigenous technology on Microwave Disinfection System for Hospital Waste (2000-2010). It was successfully commercialized.

  2. M/s S. S. Medical Systems (I) Pvt. LTD, Bhimtal, for three different capacities of Microwave Disinfection Systems (2014 - )

  3. M/s Digital Systems, Mulund(W), Mumbai (2017).


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